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Accountable Leadership

Accountable Leadership
Taking the Lead in Serving the Flock
Traditionally the Pastor and a core group of individuals in the church are the ones who are primarily responsible for the care and provision of all of the members of the church. Oftentimes leaders are chosen out of immediate need and not given the training they may need to truly fulfill their position in the church. This puts them in a place where many members of the congregation view them as a role model when they are truly not prepared to serve in that capacity. This study will offer the tools leaders need to be truly effective in ministry as well as empower them to become the mentors needed for their part of the flock.
True Leadership goes beyond serving for an hour each week in a class or other setting.
It requires that leaders live the life they teach in front of those they are teaching. Many times people are thrown into leadership positions by way of their marriage partner. Being married to a pastor or deacon doesn't necessarily mean that a person is qualified to lead, but it does mean that members of the congregation may view them as a part of the leading voice of the church. What does scripture say is their responsibility in this position? This study will explore this role and help create new leaders in the process.
Primary Objective of Study
The purpose of this study is to empower leaders to respond to their God given responsibility and calling and step up as role models and mentors to those in their world.
Target Audience
All those serving in leadership roles within the church are encouraged to participate including the obvious; the pastors, deacons Sunday School Teachers, and ministry leaders, but should also include those not generally considered to be serving in a leadership capacity, such as pastor's spouses, ushers, greeters, deacons/elders spouses, etc. This session is designed for anyone who is currently serving in these roles or anyone who wishes to in the future.
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