Paula and James Semple

Accountable Leadership

Accountable Leadership
Taking the Lead in Serving the Flock
Traditionally the Pastor and a core group of individuals in the church are the ones who are primarily responsible for the care and provision of all of the members of the church. Oftentimes leaders are chosen out of immediate need and not given the training they may need to truly fulfill their position in the church. This puts them in a place where many members of the congregation view them as a role model when they are truly not prepared to serve in that capacity. This study will offer the tools leaders need to be truly effective in ministry as well as empower them to become the mentors needed for their part of the flock.
True Leadership goes beyond serving for an hour each week in a class or other setting.
It requires that leaders live the life they teach in front of those they are teaching. Many times people are thrown into leadership positions by way of their marriage partner. Being married to a pastor or deacon doesn't necessarily mean that a person is qualified to lead, but it does mean that members of the congregation may view them as a part of the leading voice of the church. What does scripture say is their responsibility in this position? This study will explore this role and help create new leaders in the process.
Primary Objective of Study
The purpose of this study is to empower leaders to respond to their God given responsibility and calling and step up as role models and mentors to those in their world.
Target Audience
All those serving in leadership roles within the church are encouraged to participate including the obvious; the pastors, deacons Sunday School Teachers, and ministry leaders, but should also include those not generally considered to be serving in a leadership capacity, such as pastor's spouses, ushers, greeters, deacons/elders spouses, etc. This session is designed for anyone who is currently serving in these roles or anyone who wishes to in the future.
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The Homeschool Web-Site Tracker

The Homeschool Web-Site Tracker

If you are like most homeschoolers, you probably have a collection of web sites stuck all over the place on sticky paper, notepads and other places where you hope to remember them but never do. This book is designed to keep them all in one place, sorted by subject area, and even includes places to rate them and write what is included in each one so that you will remember the next time you need it. Lots of pages included for recording field trip ideas as well. Small enough to carry, but 100 pages to capture everything!

The Election Connection

The Election Connection

This book is a unit study for the entire family that can be used over the course of a couple weeks or during the entire election campaign. Designed to know your elected officials and what they actually do, this provides teaching in a workbook that allows the student to understand and research:

* The election process, how it works
* Who represents them at all levels of government
* How funding directly impacts all issues
* How to determine the difference between what is said and what is true
* Comparing voting records of candidates
* Knowing the issues that are important to you
* The Electoral College
* Campaign buzz words and what they really mean
* Understanding the debates
* Knowing what the parties do and what they represent
* How to become president

Publishing Your Book

Publishing Your Book

Everyone who has ever wanted to see their own book title in print will enjoy this book. Created for any age that can read and write, (Including adults!) this book will take you through a journey of discovering your own writing style and working toward creating a fiction book.

Ideas include:

* Using stories you know to inspire your story
* Developing a plot line
* Developing character sketches
* Using Dazzling Descriptors
* Antagonist verses protagonist
* Creating a setting that works
* Editing your manuscript
* Designing a great cover
* Creating a plan for completion
* Deciding on a style for publishing with resources for each

Curriculum Structure and Design

Curriculum Structure and Design

If you have ever wanted to design or build your own curriculum, this is the book for you. Covers topics such as:

* Using whatever combination of materials that works for your family
* Using state and national standards to know you are covering everything
* Building independence in your children
* Avoiding buying expense packs of materials that probably won’t be used
* Working with multiple age groups at the same time without losing your mind
* Building an annual, monthly and weekly plan that will empower you and your children and take minimal time and money
* Saving money by using what you have in new and creative ways
* Building your High school portfolio
* Errand Learning
* Great web sites that offer free materials

Mentoring a New Generation for Christ

Mentoring a New Generation for Christ

Scripture is bursting with people who lived their lives in such a way that their children and grandchildren were blessed by their faithfulness. Each lesson in this study looks at a different person in the Bible and the character trait they passed on to their children and to those who were around them. Ultimately, every lesson leads back to Jesus, the perfect example of what we aspire for all of our children to become. These examples paint a picture of ways that we can impart these same traits to those whose lives we touch.
Mentors come into our lives in many different ways. Most of the time, they have no idea that they are mentoring us because these are people who have simply made the decision to live their lives differently. God uses their example to inspire our lives. One of the primary roles we serve as Christians is to live our lives in such a way that others will be blessed by what they see, and desire to become a part of the Kingdom because of it. But Christians cannot become positive mentors without first making sure their own lives are in order.
What we teach others is both intentional and unintentional. It’s true that our actions speak louder than our words. If we want to truly serve God and see others come to Him, we must begin by cleaning our own hearts.
This curriculum explores over 40 different character traits such as forgiveness, faith, perseverance, kindness and courage. It teaches first how to apply these traits to our own lives, then how to mentor others in the same way. It is designed to train leaders who will have the privilege of watching others become all that God has for them to become.

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Leader's Guide
A workbook to assist leaders in guiding participants through the curriculum. Leader’s Guide includes the entire content of the Participant Guide with additional helps, scriptures and questions to challenge participants to apply lessons into their daily walk. Leader’s notes are highlighted in red for ease in teaching. Also included are teaching suggestions, guidelines and options for making this a truly dynamic class, even for leaders who have never conducted a formal class. Paperback.

Participant Guide
A workbook designed into a week by week, year long study of over 40 people in the Bible and the character traits they passed down through generations. Guide offers a scriptural foundation, insightful questions and practical applications for applying these traits into the lives of the participants and then ultimately into the lives they touch. There is room for notes in each lesson and questions to explore further between lessons. Lessons are structured as a complete study or as individual lessons. Paperback.

How can I use this?

A year long study designed to train those who want to mentor and take the Great Commission to the world around them. This study is appropriate for adults or older teens and could be used in many settings.

* Sunday School Class Format

* Home Bible Study Groups

* Other Class settings

The types of group who would benefit from this study include a wide array of possibilities.

* Parenting Classes

* Peer mentoring classes

* Leadership Training

* Prison Ministries

* Care givers of any sort

* Group Homes


* obedience

* Patience

* Humility

* Godly speech

* Trust

* Endurance

* Provision

* Witnessing

** And many others!