Paula and James Semple

What is Sweetrees? What does Sweetrees Mean?

Welcome to our world! We are a homeschooling family with 6 children, Kyle, Brandon, Adam, Caleb, Jamie and Samuel.

First let me explain what "Sweetrees" means.

The name came without a doubt, from God...because it was a misunderstanding between Paula & I. We were newlyweds and just establishing our new life and routine as husband and wife. We were setting down for the night, talking about our day and our hopes and dreams, we both felt the desire to serve others and to open our lives and our home to others in need…like a bed & breakfast. We decided it was time to go to sleep when one of us (after all these years we really do not who said it and who misunderstood what was said, it doesn’t really matter) said “Sweet dreams” BUT the other one heard “Sweet trees” Sweet trees??? We both just started laughing and it hit us both at the same time “What a peaceful sounding name for a B&B… Sweet sounds so nice, so pleasant, so restful… and Trees always paints an image of tranquility, peacefulness, a place that’s relaxing, shade from the hot sun, protection from the wind and rain and if it’s the right kind of tree, i.e. fruit or nut, nourishment. With the right skills one can even live IN a tree (Swiss Family Robinson?) SO we both agreed immediately that God just gave us the name of our future B&B “Sweet Trees”
This has lead us down many paths fine tuning our vision with God’s vision and the fun part is that this vision changes DAILY…

The name “Sweet Trees” was condensed to “Sweetrees” thanks to the internet because pushing the two words together for our new email address just looked weird – “sweettrees”? SO we agreed to drop one “t” and Sweetrees was born.
The bottom line is that Sweetrees has many branches and new branches are constantly being added, branches that help us provide support to anyone who is need of rest, comfort, advice, not clinical, we have life experience, but have not received formal education as counselors, we don’t pretend to or claim to be licensed in this field. We offer ears to listen, shoulders cry on and our home to be used however God wants us to use it. We don’t have that B&B, but we believe that our house should feel like a B&B, warm and welcome, open to all of our family and friends. Paula is a professional trainer and speaker, she can explain things that other can not, she can help you understand what you need to learn, one on one or in a group. You can check out her profile and credentials along with mine in the section offering these details.
So Sweetrees is a work in progress and I recently came up with a brief (unofficial definition) because we always get that look and question “What is sweetrees? Is it a nursery for plants or do you sell honey or fruit?”

Sweet-trees is:
1 - (n) a place of refuge, for rest and renewal, a place to learn and grow.
2 - (n) an expression used, wishing someone “to be at peace with confidence; to feel comfortable and safe, to be able to rest."
3 - Exodus 15:25 "And he cried unto the LORD; and the LORD showed him a tree, which when he had cast into the waters, the waters were made sweet…"

One of the branches of Sweetrees is Usborne Books and More of EDC (Educational Development Corporation began its Home Business Division in March, 1989. This Division, operating as Usborne Books & More, markets the entire Usborne line of over 1,300 titles through a combination of direct sales, home shows, book fairs, fund raisers, grants and school and library sales. A network system of more than 9,000 independent sales consultants currently represent Usborne books.)
We fell in love with Usborne books long before we looked into the possibility of owning our own business and becoming consultants for these great books. We joined Usborne in November 2007 as a way to receive access to all that Usborne offers and to provide a second income for our family. We were so surprised to find out what a small amount of money was required to really begin our business. I was called to jury duty for three days and we had all the money needed to buy the starter kit! And the possibilities are truly endless for how we can customize this to truly fit the needs of our family We would love to talk with you further about how to make this business something that can positively impact your family as well.

The purpose of this website is to let you know what else we, Sweetrees, can offer to you, your small group, Your home school family or group, your church or any other group you may be a part of. Paula is a professional trainer and a gifted speaker, she has the ability to teach...anything. If she doesn't already have the training material designed, she can and would look forward to creating it for you, in book form or as a training class. It is our hope and prayer to be here to provide prayer, training, consultation and support.

Please feel free to check us out, the "blog" postings are job opportunities and sales that Usborne has to offer, books and classes we currently offer so check out the menu and click on any one of the links for more information and if you have children who love to read you will want to check out our Usborne website at www.ubah-sweetrees.com where you will find all the books Usborne has to offer, you will also find a link below (click on the duck) that will take you to this website.

Please feel free to leave a comment, suggestion or request under one of the blogs or email us at sweetrees4Him@aol.com. Or if you are in need of prayer, I am a full time intercessor and watchman, I will take your request and lift them up in my prayer time. If you don't feel comfortable posting your request here you can email me at Sweetrees4Him@aol.com.
We hope you will get to know us and let us get to know you and support you how ever we can.

Watching and Praying...always. Eph. 6:18

Sweetrees would be happy to be a part of your next event. Whether you are planning a conference or retreat, wish to better train the leaders in your group, or simply need a speaker who will challenge your group, Sweetrees will customize a program that is just right to meet your needs.
Some topics that are currently available include:

*Finding your calling

*Strategic Planning

*Abuse Prevention for The Faith Community

*Spiritual Makeover

*Mentoring from a Biblical Perspective

*Becoming Spiritual Adults

*Effective Leadership

*Moving Beyond Complacency

*Living a Life that Matters

*Homeschool Curriculum

*Working with Difficult Children in a ministry setting

*Identifying your calling and moving into it

*Unexplored opportunities in Ministry

*Building a faith based mentoring program

*Leadership Training for all levels

*Equipping the Called - How God gives us all we need

*Effective Communication skills

*Dealing Biblically with those who offend us

*Conflict Resolution

Presentations can be customized for many topics and audiences. Contact us for more ideas and options.


Scripture reminds us that without a vision, the people perish. Oftentimes we appoint the leaders of our churches simply by finding someone who is willing and never offer the training and insight they need to do their job effectively. Who of us hasn't been asked to fill a Sunday School role, or watch the nursery or fill an usher slot at the last minute with little or no help form the one doing the asking? If we want to have programs that are meaningful and truly change lives, we have to be willing to build the leaders in our churches through effective planning, teaching and accountability. But where do you start? Sweetrees would like to consult with you about the various ways to make your ministries more effective and more relevant to the needs of your congregation. How many people in your church are not connected anywhere simply because they feel inadequate to fill a leadership role? What is your responsibility for raising up these leaders to fulfill their God-given callings? Contact us for ways that we can help you to plan for not only the programs and ministries of today, but also to build the leaders of tomorrow.


Please contact us at Sweetrees4Him@aol.com if you don't see what you need, we can customize a training to meet your need.